El Dusty Set to Releases Official “Orale” Single and music video December 18th on Aftercluv Dancelab Universal/ MeccaLani

Pandora Features El Dusty as “Latin Artists to Watch”


Corpus Christi, TX – Raised and rooted in Corpus Christi, producer, DJ, and nu-cumbia pioneer El Dusty (born Dusty Oliveira) translates the Southern Texas border experience into new barrio anthems where the MPC2000 sampler and chopped clips of Latin music history collide. Pandora included El Dusty in their “Latin Artists to Watch 2016” and Pandora predicts, “[El Dusty] to be heavily involved in some of the biggest dance floor anthems of 2016.” The official “Orale” single is set to be released on December 18th, music video will be available for posting on December 19th, on Aftercluv Dancelab Universal /MeccaLani.

El Dusty’s “Orale” builds up to an infectious trap scorcher filled with laser bleeps and driving basslines. The video is a psychedelic experience that can happen when you hear “Orale” for the first time. It features puppets, Smiley and Chuy, from the YouTube show “Hey Vato,” created by Robert Vasquez, Juan Rodriguez & Marc Rivera, getting down and having an out of this world experience to El Dusty’s track “Orale.” There is also a special guest appearance of El Dusty as a puppet from the Planet Corpus.

El Dusty will be releasing a full length album Made in Corpus early next year, which will include his recent releases Trapanera EP, Cumbia Anthem, and now out Orale, along with the highly anticipated “We Out Chea.” El Dusty will tour to promote his releases where he’ll debut a newly-developed set that expands on his expertise as a long-time turntablist, with previous live appearances supporting the national tours for the Kumbia Kings and Baby Bash & Frankie J, and appearances at the Latin Grammy Universal Party, Brisk Bodega Tour, Mad Decent Block Party Tour, Pachanga Fest, and more. The newest version of his set will debut El Dusty’s recently-developed live visual projections that he can mix and scratch, and live percussionists to improvise over the DJ set.